Graphic Office Interiors has served Vancouver Island since 1966. The company has always focused on office design and furnishings. Today, Graphic Office Interiors proudly offers a full suite of products, technologies and solutions for any office application. Height adjustable sit stand tables and desks, modular movable walls, collaborative technologies, and ergonomic chairs are just a few examples of our evolving product offering.

During our 50 year history, our company has witnessed significant changes in the way business is conducted. These have included sharp increases in employee and customer expectations, accelerated modifications in work processes and massive introductions of technology.

Graphic Office Interiors has kept pace by:

•  Implementing the latest in planning methodologies by using web based survey tools and analyzing a client’s work processes to develop unique designs and furniture solutions for each customer.

• Investing in its people, technology and physical infrastructure to provide better productivity, excellent customer satisfaction and a faster to market implementation for our clients.

• Sourcing and acquiring best of class products, geared to any budget, but with an overriding premise that they meet a high standard of functionality, versatility and sustainability.

• Being a good corporate citizen to our community and our environment.

Our desire to design and provide work setting that meet our client’s business activities will ensure our continued success. Our mission statement reinforces this aspiration:

Graphic Office desires to collaborate within our community on design, project management, product application and support, and be leaders in the provision and supply of sustainable high-performance user-centric work environments.