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media:scape mini

Meet media:scape mini, a new member of the media:scape family that extends the media:scape experience into small and existing spaces. media:scape mini can be placed on top of virtually any surface to transform the space into a high-performing collaborative environment.
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media:scape mobile

media:scape mobile is a new addition to the media:scape family, transporting the media:scape experience anywhere in an organization. Bring media:scape to a diverse range of settings, wherever collaboration may occur.
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FrameOne with media:scape

FrameOne with media:scape offers a benching solution for project teams and functional groups paired with simple, yet powerful technology to share content and take collaboration to the next level. Teams can make decisions easier and innovate faster because information can be shared quickly and seamlessly.




Classrooms often get in the way of active learning. Instructors are introducing new pedagogies, mixing team projects and group discussion with lecture and small group collaboration all in the same time period, but classrooms aren’t keeping up. Verb is an integrated collection of classroom furniture designed to support a full range of teaching and learning styles on demand.

Verb Tables

Verb Instructor Station

Verb Whiteboards

Verb Display and Storage


Victor2 recycling center embraces waste reduction and encourages recycling in an organization with upscale and streamlined aesthetics.  Multiple surface material options allow you to blend across Steelcase product lines and create a culture of recycling in cafes, conference rooms and collaborative spaces. Victor2 is available as a mobile or freestanding unit and contributes to LEED certification.
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